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Digital labels speed up new products and promotions to market

Amberley Labels has produced a variety of labels for St Kitts Herbery to launch new products across a range of beautiful perfumes, toiletries and room diffuser’s.

Susan and Paul Johnson who are based in Camelford, Cornwall officially opened St Kitts Herbery in 2002, where they created products in the kitchen from a homegrown herbery and sold them initially in the front room shop!

The business now has a purpose built workshop for production and a retail store  selling items such as the successfully developed luxury range of toiletries, used by the likes of Jamie Oliver’s fifteen and regional hotels. Last year more great news of expansion with them opening of a further store at Royal Arcade Cardiff.

A rebrand back in 2010 to better differentiate St Kitts Herbery from the competition with black packaging has given them a stronger individual presence on the shelf.  In total we produce 289 different label specs for St Kitts Herbery, their labels are produced on a bright silver PP, with a permanent adhesive and are gloss laminated.

For us here at Amberley in particular replicating colour consistently across brand variants and on a variety of substrates is critical. We have the capability and expertise to meet this challenge using the latest digital printing techniques and protocols to ensure that labels accurately reflect the required colour parameters.

The customer can order much smaller quantities to reach the same price point and we can run multiple colours side by side, vary the combination each time we print thereby reducing both make-ready time, inventory and material usage significantly. With increasing the number of design changes possible on a regular basis we can offer brand owners greater agility in responding to market conditions and more closely integrate marketing and packaging strategies. 

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  • "Amberley Labels are very experienced and always ready with a solution to any printing issue that pops up. Having our labels professionally printed was the single biggest turning point for our business and we are extremely grateful to Amberley for all of their help and advice along the way - and of course for our beautiful labels."