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Selfridges & Co
Artisan Olive Oil

Amberley share the latest olive oil and body oil resistant substrate innovations with customers.

Here at Amberley we strive to deliver the latest technology and innovations for our valued customers and promoting new materials is all part of the service. Our knowledge is kept up to date by established supplier, Manter who quote themselves ‘the worldwide model for label designers and printers’.

Our investigation for a premium cosmetic client late last year to deliver greaseproof and stain proof labels was answered by Manter  with the excellent new to market exclusive self-adhesive paper, Tintoretto Gesso greaseproof.

The best of both aesthetic excellence and technological advances are combined in this ecological pure cellulose paper, uncoated, felt-marked and greaseproof.

The substrate was rigorously tested over a period of time in excess of a year using accelerated ageing. Variable conditions were applied for temperature and humidity to ensure that the label would not show any degradation either in aspect or in oil barrier properties. Delivering a total grease resistance against one of the most aggressive oils.

Through this research our knowledge and expertise here at Amberley enabled us to confidently recommend and highlight the benefits of the Tintoretto Gesso greaseproof substrate to others.

For example one of our prestigious customers Selfridges & Co have recently reprinted a label on the new substrate, creating a beautiful premium look label which promotes their exclusive extra virgin olive oil.


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  • ‘At Selfridges we strive to provide the best quality and best experience to our customers. The greaseproof labels proposed by Amberley to be used on our Artisan Olive Oil bottles have delivered exactly the above. The labels add extra value and maintain the premium look of our packaging.’ Maciej Mecke, Packaging Production Manager for Selfridges & Co.