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Limited Edition Labels

The use of limited edition packaging and label graphics is now a viable marketing strategy that is being adopted by many leading brands. Why is this?

Product personalisation

Brand design is no longer being left static. Rather brand owners are beginning to integrate their marketing and packaging strategies far more closely, so that their in-store presence is creatively manipulated to create campaigns that are played out on ever-changing labels designs.

Digital has opened the door to variable data and short-run printing like no other printing technology – its capabilities satisfy the need for more versioning, brand variation, and product life-cycle differentiation.

Different shapes, sizes and designs of labels can be applied with minimal preparation enabling promotional labels, new product introductions, seasonal specials and themed campaigns to be implemented at lower costs.

Product personalisation targeted for regional distribution is also an economic marketing strategy using today’s new digital print technologies.

If you would like to discuss how digital print can allow you to implement new and responsive packaging strategies or how special-edition label designs can be used to attract new customers call Amberley today on 01258 455772

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Digital print offers marketing opportunities with no limit to added value

  • Limited edition ranges.
  • Regional and targeted marketing.
  • JIT production.
  • Versioning
  • Variable design.
  • Unique/sequential coding.
  • Mass customisation.
  • Custom and variable images.