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Label Glass

Label Glass is a whole new way of creating an ‘embossed glass’ look and feel for bottles is now available for both hand and machine application.

We can offer a solution that enables an embossed glass look in small batches and with short lead times. Label Glass is a patented innovation that simulates glass embossing convincingly, using a self adhesive label.
This service can offer a choice of standard bottle colour options for example clear, green, blue or brown glass, although for maximum effect, a colour matching service is available.
Glass packaging can be timeless, classic and beautiful.

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This seamless, raised embellishment is both cost effective and efficient

The traditional methods of glass embossing has
• Production quality risks where breakages can occur
• A high cost of investment is required for creating bespoke moulds
• High minimum order quantity where large volumes must be produced

For centuries, wine bottles were very expensive items handcrafted by artisans. Kings, noble families and wealthy merchants had elaborate bottles made to order, often embossed with their coat of arms. Glass embossing makes the bottle far more majestic and premium. A young wine, perfume or any glass container carrying a well designed emblem will seem older than most of its rivals. Giving genuine shelf appeal.

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