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High impact labels with durability and performance.

This sector covers a wide variety of markets including household chemicals and “under the sink” cleaning products.

With the rising importance of branding (particularly from own label products), labels for use in this sector not only have to look good but also perform well in damp and often hostile conditions.

It takes an innovative partner like Amberley to be able to deliver both.

Material Selection

It is particularly important that clients make the right choice of materials, adhesives and barrier properties to ensure label durability and conformability. The technical team at Amberley are able to work closely with you ensure that your labels perform at their best.

There is a high use of filmic materials in this sector and clear on clear labelling for a “no-label” look is an increasingly popular choice.

More On-Pack Content

Consumer and legislative requirements for more information on-pack means that the use of multi-layer and peelable constructions are on the increase. Amberley’s peel and read products are an effective solution to the problem of overcrowded labels.

If you would like to discuss your plans for developing, launching or re-launching products into the cosmetics sector call us today on 01258 455772 or send your enquiry to us by email.

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Market Requirements

  • Labels in this sector must be chemically resistant to the product contents.
  • Good adhesion and label conformability on all container types.
  • Good grip for consumer use.
  • Visual label appeal with high level of graphic content.
  • Clear filmic labels and "no-label" look appearance.
  • Supply chain agility.
  • Growing demand for multi-languages and information on-pack.