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Peel and Read Labels

Innovative peel open labels provide space on-pack for extra information.

Today labels have to assume new formats in order to accommodate manufacturers' demands for increased ‘on pack’ information.

Space on small packs in particular can be at a premium. Self-adhesive multi-layer re-sealable constructions however, allow extended text such as user instructions, multi-languages, mandatory information and ingredients to be added to the pack and provide an effective mechanism for on-pack promotions.

Peel & Read Labels from Amberley

Peel and Read labels look identical to and apply in the same way as standard self-adhesive labels, but can be resealed again and again throughout the life of the product.

Offering multiple printable surfaces and a hinged retaining edge, these peel and read labels peel apart easily from an adhesive free tab.

Re-sealable labels can be produced in both paper and filmic materials.

If you need more space for graphics and text on your labels contact us today and let us create a Peel and Read label to suit your needs.

Innovation Update - Digital Peel and Read

We are now able to combine many of the benefits of our high quality digital print processes with the benefits of the Peel & read construction producing stunning graphics with options of variable data and variable content.

The latest digital technology will allow shorter, multi sort work to be accommodated with significantly reduced origination costs.

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Extended Text Booklet labels

We can also supply extended text leaflet labels or booklet constructions Contact us for further information and samples.


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Benefits of Peel and Read Labels

  • Cross selling other products in a range.
  • Provide extra space on-pack for additional information.
  • Information remains firmly attached to the product.
  • Less packaging - eliminates the need for a separate carton and leaflet.
  • Hinged and re-sealable for repeated use.
  • Easy application using standard labelling equipment.
  • Can cover multi-language requirements.
  • More space for Marketing and to cover Legislative requirements.

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