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Connecting with the consumer

How to use digital print to connect with the consumer

Digital printing offers brand owners a number of unique opportunities to connect and interact with their customers.

If what is printed is targeted and strengthened by using variable data content it will be more effective.

The speed and flexibility of digital printing means that personalised, customised and targeted marketing strategies introduced at short notice are increasingly common.

Mass customisation and individual personalisation

Brand design is no longer being left static. Rather brand owners are beginning to integrate their marketing and packaging strategies far more closely so that their in-store presence is creatively manipulated to create campaigns that are played out on ever-changing labels designs.

Digital has opened the door to variable data and short-run printing like no other printing technology, satisying the need for more versioning, brand variation, and product life-cycle differentiation.

Different shapes, sizes and designs of labels can be applied with minimal changeover cost enabling promotional labels, seasonal specials and themed campaigns to be implemented at lower costs.

New product introductions in short runs, promotional samples or product personalisation for regional distribution are feasible using today’s new digital print technologies. There are numerous examples today of limited edition labels and personalised branding. 

Label and packs are now starting to carry the latest forms of interactive, social networking designs using QR codes and Augmented Reality (AR)

QR codes

Digital print can also provide opportunities to build relationships with customers via QR codes printed on labels or packaging.

QR (Quick Response) codes offer an instant way to get more information on a product by scanning the QR code with a smartphone and taking the user instantly to a web address. And it works even harder if there’s an offer involved – especially at point of sale, where the consumer is already in buying mode.

An on-pack back label can only offer a limited amount of space for information but when a QR code and smart phone combine access to a wealth of web based information can be unleashed for example; recipes, nutritional information or even wine tasting notes, and links to other related products can give the consumer the benefit of making a more informed purchase.

Digital printing of codes can be done quickly and at a much lower cost than conventional processes. 

With little or no origination costs involved digital print is a great way of reproducing the QR codes that link packaging at point of sale with web delivered content.

“There is different generation emerging who want to have a highly personalised interaction with brands”

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Marketing opportunities with no limit to added value

  • JIT production
  • Versioning
  • Variable design
  • Unique/sequential coding
  • Mass customisation
  • Custom and variable images

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