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Brand Protection & Security Solutions

One of a consumer goods manufacturer’s most important assets is its brand

There are criminal enterprises that can steal a portion of the investment in a brand for themselves by counterfeiting or unlawfully distributing a product (diversion), or worse, damage a brand’s equity and the manufacturer by hurting consumers who purchase a product (product terrorism).

With global losses through counterfeiting estimated at $654.38 billion* and growing annually brands are clearly under threat and need to be protected.

Brand security issues impact on a wide range of sectors including pharmaceuticals, perfumes and cosmetics and wines and spirits to name a few.

There are a huge range of print related security features that can be built into labels and packaging and digital printing is one process that can play a vital role in delivering this protection.

Fortunately, there are cost-effective approaches manufacturers can use to achieve these goals. Once a product’s primary and secondary protection measures are in place, variable data marking and coding technologies can play a key role in providing those added layers of protection that help ensure the authenticity of a brand and reduce potential product liabilities.

Digital the Perfect Process for Brand Protection and Authentication

Digital presses have the ability to print different data with every impression, as opposed to repeating the static images on printing plates. Each package, sleeve, carton or label therefore can be different. This capability is ideally suited to the arena of brand protection and authentication.

Digital converters and brand owners can work together to help authenticate products, reduce counterfeiting, enhance brand security and minimise theft or product tampering by

  •  Building counterfeit deterrence, product authentication and brand protection technologies into the design of the label or package.
  •  Making each label/pack unique (via sequential coding, numbering, variable imaging).
  •  By frequently changing the solutions used.

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* Source: The Anti-Counterfeiting Group and Havocscope   

Security design backgrounds and security features that can be produced by digital printing include;

  • Guilloche designs
  • Variable images
  • Micro text and anti-copy images
  • Data glyphs
  • Wide colour gamut for special colours
  • Sequential numbers and codes
  • Bar codes
  • Matrix codes
  • Hidden images
  • Security foiling
  • Security cuts
  • Matching printed codes to hidden codes.
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Security solutions represent an extremely diverse market and can include the following applications;

  • Tamper evidence
  • Product authentication
  • Track and trace
  • Logistics & supply chain management
  • Anti theft

"Digital presses have the ability to print different data with every impression."