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Burning Barn rum label embellishment

Burning Barn rum labels have been designed by Green Chameleon, with the whole theme conceived from the company owner’s family barn being burnt down! The branding and packaging captures the smoking barn with an eye catching logo of the titular barn set ablaze.

Each label achieved a bold look by using an uncoated matt black paper stock for the bottle and a natural 100% cotton paper with ultra wet strength and anti fungal treatment for the batch label giving both a tactile feel. Through combining these paper stocks with embossed matte foils and metallic inks, Amberley Labels printed and produced a great contrasting label.

The gold embossed foil displays hints of copper, yellow and orange which are colours we associate with fire and spice, highlighted to complement the ‘forged from fire’ spiced rum label. The silver ink in turn added tones of blue, purple and greys that reflected the smoking barn imagery for the smoked rum label.

Here at Amberley Labels we are proud to have been part of this premium packaging project, delivering expectations for this quality brand and product.

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