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Amberley’s investment programme for 2017

We have just completed the installation of a third HP Indigo press to compliment our digital suite, along with a major upgrade to our ABG Digicon finishing kit which combines what was 2 separate processes into a time saving single process.

As one of the UK’s leading premier self-adhesive label producers, this introduction of further digital capability will assist in increasing the company’s productivity and capacity along with the quality that will help maintain the company’s competitive edge.

Trevor Smith (Amberley Labels MD) said, “We have had a great relationship with HP since we installed the first HP Indigo WS4000 press in the UK in 2003. Working with HP, we are always guaranteed superb after-sales and technical support, and this has been an important part of ensuring a long-term partnership.”

New Edale 8 colour press due for installation this summer

Here at Amberley Labels we are moving production forward by investing in an 8 colour Edale FL3 with AiiR Print Automation pack, Advanced Register Pack, Semi-Rotary Die Cutting and a Peel and Reveal module.

We have chosen Edale as a company to provide our new press for their award winning renowned British design and engineering expertise. Trevor Smith MD stated: “Edale offer the best combination of suitable technology, a knowledgeable team and synergy with Amberley’s requirements. We plan to produce multi-colour labels on specialist materials, such as multi-layer material labels. Using Edale technology, we are able to replace two of our existing presses with just one which has a much quicker set-up time, less material waste, higher running speeds and the ability to produce a range of speciality labels including Peel & Reveal.”

AiiR (autonomous inking, impression and print registration) uses precision camera technology to improve registration accuracy, while automated print pressure control reduces wastage and set-up times.  By fully automating print and the registration processes, the level of operator intervention can be reduced, leading to fewer errors and a more consistent, higher quality final product.

Amberley will also benefit from automated finishing with semi-rotary die cutting which serves to reduce set-up times and waste, while reducing tooling cost and further reliance on the operator.






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