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Life Saving Donations

Local school Archbishop Wake CE School based here in Blandford is hoping to buy a vital piece of emergency first aid equipment.

The campaign is trying to raise funds for the purchase and installation of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) for the school and wider community.

Tragically, every year 270 children die at school from cardiac arrest. That is nearly one child a day. Additionally, 12 young people die every week.

A Defibrillator is their only chance of survival in combination with CPR. (Chest Compressions and Breaths) The chance of a child surviving during a cardiac arrest will reduce by 10% every minute they are without a defibrillator. A Cardiac Arrest is caused when an electrical malfunction of the heart causes an irregular heartbeat or a quivering of the heart. A Defibrillator shocks it back into a regular heartbeat.

Here at Amberley Labels we have donated £50 towards the fund, if you can  help them achieve their goal then contact the school directly: Telephone: 01258 453120

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A thank you letter has arrived with news . . .

“Dear Amberley Labels, an enormous thank you to you for the wonderful donation of £50. Your donation along with others has meant we are able to go ahead and buy the defibrillator already and by the end of November it should be in place on the wall outside the Food Links kitchen and ready for use should it be needed. Because of your generosity and support our fundraising has been a great success.”

Valerie Deverill, Deputy Head Teacher



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