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Software allows brands to virtually interact with shoppers through product labels and packaging


Mobile Scan of Digital Tag

A unique digital identity via a tag on the label or packaging can deliver personalised content and services to each consumer

“There is different generation emerging who want to have a highly personalised interaction with brands” 

A fascinating article that appeared in the Labels and Labelling 2014 Yearbook provides reveals how developments in computer software are allowing brands to interact with shoppers through products and labelling.

The new breed of software is able to bring all kinds of consumer products to life by creating a unique digital profile for each.

“Once you give the physical object a unique digital identity via a tag on the label or packaging, it can deliver personalised content and services to each individual consumer using their smartphone in combination with the object’s smart software profile in the cloud.”

For example a bottle of wine, medicine or perfume becomes identifiable and the marketing team at the brand house can set rules for the profile to serve up the user’s next individualised experience in real time: ‘order another case, take your next dose, receive a free gift at…etc’

The article features a case study from drinks giant Diageo.

JW Bottle Scan

Consumers used their social network IDs to ‘check-in’ to the bottle of whisky

 An extract from the article explains.

 “The company launched a campaign in Brazil for Johnny Walker and other brands of scotch. Consumers used their social network IDs to ‘check-in’ to the bottle of whisky they were giving their dad on Father’s Day after scanning unique QR codes on the packs with their smartphone. This triggered a mobile web page where they could make a personalised film tribute telling their dad how awesome he is. When they gave the bottle to their dad on Father’s Day, the film was digitally attached – turning the whisky bottle into a one-of-a-kind gift with unique personalised content.”

To view the full article click here

For brands to roll out such projects at potentially massive volumes, they will need access to high-speed variable data digital printing.

QR Codes 

QR (Quick Response) codes offer an instant way to get more information on a product by scanning the QR code with a smartphone and taking the user instantly to a web address. And it works even harder if there’s an offer involved – especially at point of sale, where the consumer is already in buying mode.

An on-pack back label can only offer a limited amount of space for information but when a QR code and smart phone combine access to a wealth of web based information can be unleashed …for example recipes, nutritional information or even wine tasting notes, and links to other related products can give the consumer the benefit of making a more informed purchase.

Digital printing of codes can be done quickly and at a much lower cost than conventional processes.

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