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Free Digital Press Proof Offer from Amberley

Amberley Digital Colour Proof

Digital colour proofs accurate to the finished labels, on the correct facestock

Digital Colour Matched Proofing  

The process of approving print can be difficult with conventional printing. The only way a final design can be accurately replicated is by printing the job using the actual materials, inks and equipment that will be used during full scale production. Many conventional printers will be familiar with the scenario of customer stood on the end of their printing press for hours making adjustments to colour. Using a printing press for a press pass means that set-up and running waste costs accumulate whilst adjustments are being made (and of course the press is effectively taken out of production until the job is approved).

Digital printing does not suffer from any of these issues. It does not involve ink mixing and colour is controlled digitally offering a consistent and repeatable colour match every time … and there are no registration issues.

The age of digital has brought another great benefit. The finished article can be supplied for evaluation and approval before full production commences. The proof will be accurate to the finished labels, on the correct facestock and with the correct print finishing if required.

It is now possible to produce finished quality proofs of whole ranges for test marketing, trialling or pre-sales presentations. Brand owners could have the whole range proofed in different colours or materials before making that important final decision.

Whatever the reason there is a great deal of peace of mind approving a proof knowing the finished label will match it exactly.

Free Digital Press Proof Offer from Amberley 

Amberley is offering its customers the opportunity to see the quality and benefits of digital proofing for themselves. This exciting free offer allows the customer to recreate their brand or graphics on  different proofing substrates.

For more information on digital colour matched proofing click here or contact Amberley on  01258 455 772

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