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Coca-Cola Backs Share a Coke Marketing Campaign


Share-a-Coke Digital Print

Coca-Cola CEO Backs Share a Coke Marketing Campaign

Plans unveilled to invest $1bn in marketing campaigns like “Share a Coke”

In a fascinating  article published in Marketing Week (18th February 2014), Coca-Cola  CEO, Muhtar Kent revealed that the business plans to invest up to $1bn in marketing campaigns like “Share a Coke” by 2016 to stimulate its future growth.

In outlining his plans Kent draws on the global “Share a Coke” campaign, which originated in Australia and New Zealand in 2012 and was executed in the UK in 2013, as an example of how the company will look to invest in the brand going forward.

He said the activity was much more than a marketing campaign, but rather a “system wide collaborative effort to engage with consumers in a meaningful and effective way”. Coca-Cola says the effort helped increase volume sales, household penetration and brand love scores over the 20-plus markets it has appeared in to date.

Coca Cola selected Amberley as its sole UK partner in the innovative promotional campaign requiring digital print.  

In Coca-Cola “biggest ever” summer campaign it replaced its branding with 150 of the UK’s most popular names across 100 million packs to  drive  a positive uplift in  brand perception. The ground breaking  project required labels featuring digital variable data printing to allow the individual personalisation of the label graphics.

Click here to read the full Marketing Week article.

For more information on the Coke Label Personalisation Project click here

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