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Amberley Launch Digital Multi-Page Peel and Read Booklet


Multi Ply Digital Peel and Read

Amberley Peel & Read booklet with 5 printable surfaces featuring variable data and full colour variable images throughout.

Digital Peel and Read Booklets

A £300,000 investment in digital converting equipment by Amberley is bringing the benefits of digital printing to multi-ply label production.

The latest configuration of the Digicon Series 2, the first of its kind in the UK, allows the conversion of a single digitally printed web into a 3 ply construction that can then be formed into resealable Peel & Read booklet.

David Beeby, Sales Manager explains, “This new equipment extends digital printing into the multi-ply arena, allowing variable text and images to be incorporated into a peel and read booklet with 5 printable panels. Being able to include personalised and variable content within each booklet provides marketers and brand managers with exciting new possibilities for product promotion.”

If would like to receive sample of the Amberley Peel and Read booklet click here or if you would like to discuss extended text label leaflet labels or booklet constructions then please call us on Tel 01258 455 772.

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