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The nominations are announced

Great news for Amberley Labels again this awards season. Having entered two award ceremonies we can announce that we have been shortlisted for both.

Printweek Awards have shortlisted us for ‘Trainee of the Year’ and we wish Ryan Samways the very best of luck. Winners will be announced on Monday 16th October 2017 at the Grosvenor House, London.

We also have a nomination for the best of Labels category at The Digital Printer Awards 2017 to be held at the Marriott London on Thursday 9 November 2017.


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Exquisite limited edition labels

The 6 O’clock gin brunel edition is presented in a distinctive 70cl black bottle with a copper-foiled label which gives a clear ‘no label look’ and six different neck tags portraying images associated with Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

The new design from Green Chameleon promotes the exquisitely engineered Brunel edition which builds on the original formulation of 6 O’clock gin, with the introduction of six new botanicals – green cardamom, nutmeg, cumin, cassia bark, cubeb and lemon.

The Brunel edition gin will be available to buy from 19th July. To find out more on our history of working with Bramley and Gage please click here.

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Beautiful new labels

Civette and Unicorn have a new set of beautiful labels and branding created by Penn Graphics. Here at Amberley we have been proud to produce the clear ‘no label look’ which sits at the neck of the bottles and the ten different parfum artisan labels to identify each individual eau de toilette. The premium rustique blanc substrate was digitally printed using one of our HPindigo 6800’s then foil blocked creating beautiful and distinctive labels.

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New depths for premium white ink

HP have launched a brand new premium ink and here at Amberley Labels we were one of the exclusive digital printers to take part in the beta test programme, which included producing the sample sheets to be inserted into the recent edition of the March 2017 Labels and Labeling magazine.

The new premium white ink offers the widest range of opacities in a single print process. This new ink allows the user to enjoy the look of expensive screen printed product packaging for a fraction of the cost of screen printing to deliver a premium look.

Request your sample sheet here Click here for our contact form or call us on 01258 455 772

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Amberley’s investment programme for 2017

We have just completed the installation of a third HP Indigo press to compliment our digital suite, along with a major upgrade to our ABG Digicon finishing kit which combines what was 2 separate processes into a time saving single process.

As one of the UK’s leading premier self-adhesive label producers, this introduction of further digital capability will assist in increasing the company’s productivity and capacity along with the quality that will help maintain the company’s competitive edge.

Trevor Smith (Amberley Labels MD) said, “We have had a great relationship with HP since we installed the first HP Indigo WS4000 press in the UK in 2003. Working with HP, we are always guaranteed superb after-sales and technical support, and this has been an important part of ensuring a long-term partnership.”

New Edale 8 colour press due for installation this summer

Here at Amberley Labels we are moving production forward by investing in an 8 colour Edale FL3 with AiiR Print Automation pack, Advanced Register Pack, Semi-Rotary Die Cutting and a Peel and Reveal module.

We have chosen Edale as a company to provide our new press for their award winning renowned British design and engineering expertise. Trevor Smith MD stated: “Edale offer the best combination of suitable technology, a knowledgeable team and synergy with Amberley’s requirements. We plan to produce multi-colour labels on specialist materials, such as multi-layer material labels. Using Edale technology, we are able to replace two of our existing presses with just one which has a much quicker set-up time, less material waste, higher running speeds and the ability to produce a range of speciality labels including Peel & Reveal.”

AiiR (autonomous inking, impression and print registration) uses precision camera technology to improve registration accuracy, while automated print pressure control reduces wastage and set-up times.  By fully automating print and the registration processes, the level of operator intervention can be reduced, leading to fewer errors and a more consistent, higher quality final product.

Amberley will also benefit from automated finishing with semi-rotary die cutting which serves to reduce set-up times and waste, while reducing tooling cost and further reliance on the operator.






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We can offer a more extensive service with printed folded carton packaging

Amberley Labels are proud to announce that we can offer a brand new service of folded cartons and packaging to all our customers.

Our new services include:

  • Packaging design and advice specific to your project needs for producing your folded cartons and packaging.
  • Cutting and creasing to compliment all types of carton packaging, whilst performing to the highest levels of accuracy and speed.
  • Folding and gluing can offer a variety of styles of cartons, from straight line to presslock, crashlock, sleeves, 4 corner glued and 6 corner glued.
  • Coatings and plastic lamination can be applied to your packaging. The plastic lamination adds strength and protection with the advantage of enhancing the finish to a high quality.
  • Certified BRC/IoP – global standard for packaging and packaging materials.
  • Through developing a new partnership with a well established reputable company who produce printed folded carton packaging, we can now offer a more extensive service to you.

    As the demand for carton packaging is ever growing, we would like to provide our customers both old and new, with this new service.

    Present your product in packaging that helps it stand out on the shelf to clients, help to raise your brand profile amongst competitors.

    If you would like to discuss your packaging project with the team at Amberley call 01258 455 772 or  or click here for our contact form.

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    Christmas and New Year

    All of the team here at Amberley Labels, would like to take the opportunity to wish you and your colleagues a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. Each year, rather than sending Christmas cards we are making charitable donations to those who need our support, whether in our local community of Blandford or a national/global organisation.

    This year we are continuing to support “Blandford Opportunity Group” who do an amazing job of supporting children with special needs, in their pre-school here in Blandford Forum.

    Blandford Opportunity Group is a pre-school for children with special needs. The group opened in 1992 at the request of the Dorset Community NHS Trust professional staff. They help children from Blandford and the surrounding areas.

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    Zero Labels 2 Landfill

    Simply by segregating our label conversion waste we can ensure that a 100% diversion from landfill is achieved.

    With brand owners and supermarkets putting pressure on the supply chain to be more environmentally aware, BPIF labels, together with one of the major suppliers of self-adhesive material, have commissioned Prismm Environmental to come up with alternative solutions for the disposal of waste.

    The Zero Labels to Landfill project is intended to cut the 200,000 tonnes of matrix and production waste that is sent to landfill every year by UK label converters. This is expected to help save costs while boosting the environmental credentials of the industry as a whole – something that is increasingly on the agenda for suppliers to brand owners and major supermarkets.

    This scheme launched in April 2013 and there are now over 50 label converters involved. So far we have already diverted over 10,000 tonnes of waste from landfill to a waste converter who can convert the labels waste into bio-mass fuels.

    Simply by segregating our label conversion waste we can ensure that a 100% diversion from landfill is achieved.

    FACT: Since August 2015 Amberley Labels have recycled a total of 303.3 metric tonnes of label waste which previously would have gone to the landfill.

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    Life Saving Donations

    Local school Archbishop Wake CE School based here in Blandford is hoping to buy a vital piece of emergency first aid equipment.

    The campaign is trying to raise funds for the purchase and installation of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) for the school and wider community.

    Tragically, every year 270 children die at school from cardiac arrest. That is nearly one child a day. Additionally, 12 young people die every week.

    A Defibrillator is their only chance of survival in combination with CPR. (Chest Compressions and Breaths) The chance of a child surviving during a cardiac arrest will reduce by 10% every minute they are without a defibrillator. A Cardiac Arrest is caused when an electrical malfunction of the heart causes an irregular heartbeat or a quivering of the heart. A Defibrillator shocks it back into a regular heartbeat.

    Here at Amberley Labels we have donated £50 towards the fund, if you can  help them achieve their goal then contact the school directly: Telephone: 01258 453120

    Archbishop school logo


    A thank you letter has arrived with news . . .

    “Dear Amberley Labels, an enormous thank you to you for the wonderful donation of £50. Your donation along with others has meant we are able to go ahead and buy the defibrillator already and by the end of November it should be in place on the wall outside the Food Links kitchen and ready for use should it be needed. Because of your generosity and support our fundraising has been a great success.”

    Valerie Deverill, Deputy Head Teacher



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    Label Printer of the Year

    “Amberley Labels delivered products with extra zing”

    Terrific News here at Amberley Labels, we are very pleased to announce the prestigious award from PrintWeek for ‘Label Printer of the Year’ presented to us on Monday night at the Grosvenor House Hotel by Gyles Brandreth.

    In the picture above we have from the left; Gyles Brandreth, David Richards (Technical & Commercial Manager, Amberley Labels), Trevor Smith (Managing Director, Amberley Labels) and Peter Evans (CEO, United Services)

    The Label of the Year category had stiff competition, we were up against other industry leaders who had also made finalists. On the night we were congratulated by everyone including one of the judges who commended our work in particular mentioned the White cedars candle label .

    Judges Citation

    The one that really swung it for the judges was the St Pancras White Cedar & Stars Candle, which “was simply astonishing; it looked both aged and premium at the same time.”

    We shall be placing the engraved award in our boardroom in the ‘trophy cabinet’ for all to see. This accolade helps to raise our profile and reflects on the fantastic team we have here at Amberley Labels.

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